• Barrister Bookcase

    A barrister bookcase is ideal for storing large volumes of books and collectables, whether stationary or on the move. Barrister bookcases were originally used by lawyers that needed to move their library of books from place to place therefore most barrister bookcases feature individual stackable storage units. Barrister bookcases also features hinged glass doors to aid in transportation of full units, protect the contents of the bookcase and add a dash of elegant style to the frontal fascia of the bookcase.

    The doors of a barrister bookcase are usually attached to top folding hinge hardware for maximum portability when stocked full of books. The sectional cabinets of a barrister bookcase can be stacked on top of each other to line your entire library wall or fill just one corner of your family room. The modular nature of the barrister bookcase makes it the only full-size bookcase style that is perfectly suited for both large and small collections of books or valuables, in both large and small spaces. About the only time you wouldn’t want to opt for a barrister bookcase is when you are very short on horizontal space as each cabinet unit of a barrister tends to be the width of a standard bookcase though the height is adjustable.

    Barrister Bookcase Design & Functionality

    Barrister bookcases are typically designed in antique or traditional motifs crafted from solid oak, cherry wood or pine. The classic, often Victorian styling of these bookcases will make for the most fashionable file cabinet your office has ever seen. Most barrister bookcases also feature glazed glass doors that aid in both the style and functionality of these elegant furniture pieces.

    While all barrister bookcases are great for moving around full volumes of books, not every multiple tier barrister bookcase is stackable/detachable so some will require moving the entire bookcase at one time. If you possible go for a stackable unit and you will fall in love with the modularity your bookcase offers, you can put half of it in you living room and the other half in your study.

    Barrister Bookcase Shopping Tips

    When shopping for a barrister bookcase, or any bookshelf for that manner, you will want to inspect the build quality before you purchase. These classic bookcases tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum but not all manufacturers can justify the cost. When preparing to purchase a barrister bookcase make sure you check the following items:

    1) Determine if the barrister is stackable or not. Most people want a barrister bookcase for this functionality in particular yet there are many “barrister bookcases” on the market that are not modular.

    2) Make sure the bookcase’s side walls and interior shelving units are made of solid wood or at least plywood rather than engineered MDF or particle board.

    3) Inspect the hinges to make sure they use a high quality metal scissor mechanism made of iron, steel or brass rather than aluminum.

    4) Make sure the glass doors are thick and of the highest quality. If you plan on moving your barrister around a bit while full thin low quality glass can shatter easily.

    Many realtors such as Sauder and Globe Wernicke have made quite the name for themselves by offering high quality barrister bookcase collections that are worth every penny. You can also find good deals on an antique barrister bookcase or a new one online and at second hand stores. Keep the above points in mind when shopping and you will certainly find a barrister bookcase that is perfect for storing all of your books and keepsakes while keeping them ready for your next move.

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