• Corner Bookcase

    A corner bookcase is the ideal storage solution for rooms of all varieties from spacious rooms to awkwardly shaped ones, tightly spaced rooms and more. If you have a large area to work with, a massive corner bookcase can effectively create a room within a room to hold your library and display your collectibles. If your short on space you’ll find that a cleverly selected corner bookcase can hold your knowledge base and keepsakes with just a fraction of the room. No matter what your storage needs, a corner bookcase is great for keeping your books, DVD’s, photos and more attractively tucked away or blatantly on display in the corner of your choice. Corner bookcases are commonly constructed as wood veneers, laminates and solid wood unites which are priced from surprisingly affordable to jaw-dropping expensive.

    In the search for a bookshelf that best suits your needs you will find that a corner bookcase offers a plethora of unique advantages. Corner bookcases are amongst the most decorative and varied bookcases available with styles ranging armoire esque corner bookcases with glass doors to the artsy, open, free form corner shelf that’s perfect for placing vases or displaying collectables. A corner bookcase also has the distinct advantage of being able to fill up “dead space” in large rooms that need a little something to flesh them out. In a child’s room a short corner bookcases and a small area rug can really make reading time special. In your living room a large corner bookcase can help carve out your study or home office space while providing access to all of your references, records and binders in one place. Even in the kitchen a narrow spiral corner bookcase can provide shelves to hold recipe books and spices while adding a dash of style to your cooking space.

    Corner Bookcase Construction

    Melamine laminate is the materiel of choice when it comes to corner bookcase construction. This kind of laminate is affordable, durable, stain-resistant and attractive. While it doesn’t offer the prestige of real wood, it does offer nearly the same quality and the look (as well as many modern finishes that you won’t find with real wood). Another popular construction method for corner bookcases is wood veneer over plywood over particle board. Wood veneer will give you a real wood finish without the cost of having an entire furniture piece constructed of real wood. In addition to the cost savings wood veneer can often be stained to perfectly match other furnishings you already own. Lastly there is the classic solid wood corner bookcase. While this is an idealistic option, for many the cost can be sometimes quite prohibitive and unjustifiable since solid wood unites are often indistinguishable from quality wood veneers in terms of both looks and durability.

    Corner Bookcase Design

    Whether you go with melamine laminate, wood veneer or solid wood for your corner bookcase you will find a wide array of finishes to choose from. Both real and simulated wood finishes for corner bookcases are most commonly done in cherry, espresso, natural oak, cappuccino and white pine. In addition to these wooden looks you will find many Victorian style pieces in a whimsical coat of solid white while more contemporary corner bookcases can often be found in black and bold solid colors. Most colored corner bookcases are only available as laminates with the exception of white.

    In addition to the vast selection of corner bookcase finishes you will find an equally numerous selection of functional variates. Of these variates there are two main categories that most corner bookcases fall under, modular and fixed. As their name suggests modular corner bookcases utilize modular expansion pieces that are great for ever growing collections of books in your home or office. Many designer bookcase manufacturers such as Tuscan, Ballard Designs and Alera offer modular full radius corner bookcases that can be bought in sections starting from the core corner unit which can be expanded ad infinitum. With the addition of more core sections your corner bookcase can become a wall that encompass the entire room. There are also various styles of small corner bookcases available which are specifically designed to add storage and visual appeal to the tiny corners of any room. These small bookcases may be full height, waist height or floor to ceiling. Many floor to ceiling bookcases are very narrow as well providing lots of storage with a minimal footprint.

    Corner Bookcase Shopping Tips

    One of the most important things to remember when purchasing a corner bookcase is to take your time and make sure you purchase a furniture piece that will perfectly suit your particular needs both now and in the the future, shop around. There are so many styles of corner bookcases on the market today that you will be surprised at how well tailored many units are to your particular decor theme and room layout. If its not exactly what you want then don’t purchase it because chances are you’ll find a corner bookcase or corner shelf that is exactly what your looking for. Also remember to purchase only what you can afford. While a solid wood corner bookcase does offer unique grain patterns that are one of a kind, that is about the only benefit that you will get over a high quality laminate or wood veneer bookcase. At nearly twice the cost, if you are set on buying a solid wood piece its worth pondering why and re-reading the construction points mentioned above. If your shopping online make sure you check out More Bookcases and Bookcases Galore, they have a vast selection of high quality corner bookcases in many styles at amazing prices.

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