• corner bookcase ikea

    The corner bookcase “Ikea Billy” requires little effort to assemble, which makes it ideal for people who are completely new to furniture assembly. However, IKEA does not sell ready-to-use bookcases. What they sell are bookcase parts that you have to assemble. If this is your first time buying a corner bookcase from IKEA, here are detailed instructions on how to assemble the bestselling corner bookcase, “Ikea Billy”, in six easy steps.

    Identify the Materials and Start to Assemble the Wooden Plugs

    Identify all the corner bookcase “Ikea Billy’s” parts and start the assembly. With your thumb, insert six of the wooden plugs into the holes on the side panel, two plugs for the top shelf, two for the bottom flashing, and two for the bottom shelf. Note that the four shelves are a bit different from each other. Make sure to identify them properly. Push the top shelf, the bottom flashing and the bottom shelf carefully onto the side panel’s wooden plugs. Push the six remaining wooden plugs into the second side panel, then position the panel on top of the assembled parts. Arrange the six wooden plugs and push the panel carefully onto the assembly.

    Screw the Parts of the Corner Bookcase Ikea

    In the top shelf, push a round nut into the hole. Make sure the slotted side is exposed. Then push a screw into the hole that matches the round nut and secure it using the Ikea tool. Make sure not to over tighten it. Do the same for the three remaining screws and nuts. Tip the entire assembly carefully and position it face down. Use the remaining screws and nuts in attaching the right side panel.

    Last Steps When Assemblying Corner Bookcase Ikea

    Make sure the nice side of the back panel is facing down and carefully slide it into the grooves in the top shelf and sides from bottom to top. Push the back panel all the way into the top shelf’s groove, then nail in four small nails to attach the back panel to the bottom shelf. Make sure to push the back panel tight towards the top shelf as you do the nailing to ensure the sturdiness of your corner bookcase “Ikea Billy”. Make sure the shelving unit is sturdy. Stand it up. In the side panels, pick your preferred holes and position the eight metal studs in it. The middle shelves rest on top of the studs. You can move these shelves around according to your preferred height.

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