• Glass Door Bookcase

    Adding a glass door bookcase to your decor theme can bring a touch of class and elegance to your home or office. Since these type of bookcases vary in style, color, and quality, it is important to make sure that the glass door bookcase you plan to buy comes in the right size, the right height, and the right look.

    Glass Door Bookcase Style Considerations

    Before you start hitting the stores to shop for glass door bookcases, first you need to assess the design of the room where you intend to place it. You need to choose a bookcase that will complement its surrounding. For example, if you have a mahogany office table you may want to pick a mahogany bookcase to match it. Also, you need to see to it that the bookcase satisfies your functional needs, deciding what you will keep inside even before you buy one. Glass door bookcases are ideal for displaying neat and organized books but if you have books of different sizes, which will definitely look disorganized from the outside, bookcases with wooden doors are ideal since they that will keep the contents away from prying eyes.

    Glass Door Bookcase Shopping Tips

    Buying glass door bookcases should be done with caution, especially if you have children running around the house. For safety purposes, buy bookcases with glass doors that do not start from the floor but only from higher up to keep the glass out of children’s reach. You can choose bookcases that have wooden doors on the bottom, complete with child-proof locks, and glass doors on top. This type of bookcase also works best if you want to keep things that you do not want on display in the bookcase as well.

    Some retailers sell bookcases with optional glass doors and you can save money by buying only glass doors for the shelves where you plan to display books and leave some shelves with no doors at all. For example, if you plan to keep your silver and china on one shelf and your books in the other shelves, choose a bookcase with optional doors and add doors for the one shelf you plan to keep the silver in. You may also want to look for bookcases with sliding glass doors instead of pull-out glass doors. Check out sliding glass doors first before buying to see if you prefer its style and functionality. If you want to store contents that you don’t want visitors to see, you can buy modular glass door bookcases with glass doors for the top cabinets and stack them on bookcases with wooden doors for the bottom cabinets.

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